Audible Autism is a podcast that aims to give voice to autistic people from our own internal perspective. It is made for autistic people, by autistic people. We’re looking to talk about autism, and things that would be interesting to autistic people. We’re not trying to explain ourselves to Neurotypical people to ask them for acceptance into their world. Other people do that.

This is for us.

Your co-hosts

 Odai is 30 and lives in Wood Green. He graduated from university with a degree in Creative Writing and has been involved in helping to produce several other podcasts in the past before coming on board with Audible Autism. He handles the technical side of the podcast – the recording, the editing and the schlepping of equipment. Odai enjoys gaming, film, art, and listening to podcasts, which is pretty useful.

“Reality continues to ruin my life.” – Bill Watterson

Luke is our podcast’s co-host and is autistic. Away from that, he works full-time as a communications lead for a charity in West Yorkshire

Sound Editor

Simon Marcus is our sound editor, making everything flow in the edited programme when broadcast.

He also runs his own award winning video and audio production company: https://addictive.media/