Audible Autism Episode 6 – Magic Hat Episode

In this final episode of 2017, Odai and I mark the season by pulling out our magic hats and playing a game of Secret Hitler with some friends. CW: Some bad language (from Sarah, everyone else kept it together).

Audible Autism will now be going on hiatus until February, we’ve had a blast but we’ve now got a long list of administrative and technical tasks we need to get through so the next batch of episodes learns from the first. Please stay tuned.

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Audible Autism Episode 5 – Robert Court

In this episode of Audible Autism, we have on Dr Robert Court, associate researcher at Edinburgh University. Listen to hear:

  • How Robbie built his social skills through observation.
  • His journey from electrical engineering apprentice to post-doctoral researcher with severe dyslexia.
  • What Robbie thinks of psychological diagnostic tests.
  • Are there autistic dogs?
  • How should we be responding as a community to pre-natal testing for autism?

Next week’s episode will be our last episode before our winter break, if you would like to come on the show when we resume (not just for interview, do you have a special interest? Are you running an event?) please fill out our form here, and we’d love to chat with you.

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Audible Autism Episode 3 – How I Organise

In this episode, Sarah explains how she organises herself and the tools she uses.

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Show notes:

Getting Things Done by David Allen – newly updated for 2015 to reflect that fact that the internet exists now.

Google Calendar – for events, if you have a Gmail account, you already have a Google Calendar.

Evernote – Note-keeping software, for which the browser clipper Sarah finds particularly useful. – Automatic email subscription filter, which includes an unsubscribe function.

Simple Sticky Notes – For putting notes on your desktop.



Audible Autism Episode 2 – Sensory Episode

This is our first sensory episode, which is intended to be a chilled out episode that you can just listen to.

In this episode, we have:

A short talk by Sarah on the concept of consent.

A selection of music by Odai

And a reading of Chapter 26 of Treasure Island by Sarah (Please be aware that there is background traffic noise on this recording including a couple of ambulance sirens and one antisocial guy revving his engine. We’re sorry about this and will ensure this doesn’t happen in future episodes.) You can read Chapter 26 here.

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Setlist for the music segment: 

A-Gon –  Her Smile

Artificial.Music – Spring Autumn Sunset

A-Gon – Walked Away

Waking Dreams – Someone Else

Audible Autism Episode 1 – Maxim Thompson

Maxim Thompson explains his autistic journey, interest in autistic people in the media, and his upcoming documentary on music therapy and autistic children.

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Show notes:

Operation Syncopation is premiering Monday 23rd October at Cambridge Film Festival, check out more information and book tickets here.

“This ground-breaking documentary follows Professor Amelia Oldfield as she revisits ten families who received music therapy from her over fifteen years ago, and explores the impact of the therapy on the life trajectories of young people with autism. Mixing archive footage from the original research, recordings of the sessions with Amelia Oldfield and the families, and specially shot interviews with Anglia Ruskin University music therapists, Operation Syncopation offers an unprecedented window into the work of the music therapist and the development of ways for parent and child to communicate. Directed by Maxim Thompson, who was one of Professor Oldfield’s patients as a child.”


Audible Autism Episode 0 – Introduction

This is our short introductory episode, which explains a little bit about Sarah and Odai’s backgrounds, and the position statements of the podcast.

You can listen to the podcast below or download the MP3 directly.

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Show Notes:

Position Statement 1: Autism is an ordinary variant of human neurology and is not an illness, disorder or even a condition.

Position Statement 2: Autism is autism is autism, and we are one people.

Position Statement 3: Because of the nature of autism, a cure is unlikely, highly undesirable, and all resources currently being put towards a cure should be redirected elsewhere.

Position Statement 4: Autism is not what disables us – we live in a society that disables us.

Position Statement 5: Being autistic does not give us the right to be a dick or to reject personal development.