Black History Month Transcript

Hi everyone,

we are having technical issues with our latest episode release, so we are going to be delayed by a week. However, we are pleased to be able to offer you a transcript of Episode 24, our Black History Month episode, to tide you over.

Transcription is a necessary tool to make our content accessible to a wider audience, but it is an expensive process and we cannot afford this for every episode at the moment. We have set up a Patreon for our listeners to support our work and providing transcription is our number one priority – please donate and help us bring Audible Autism to more people! Link:

Transcript below the player:


The following document is a transcription of the Black History Month episode of our podcast Audible Autism. This is not a verbatim transcription and minor edits have been made to allow for grammatical clarity, but the writer has ensured that no changes have been made to the original meaning of the content.


*CW: Suicide*


INTRO: Testing, testing, testing. Can you hear me? This is Audible Autism. *The Video Collection Ident*