Episode 7 – Work Episode

In this special themed episode, Odai looks at the world of work from an autistic perspective. With stories from Sarah, Savva and Cee, Odai considers what life in a neurotypical workplace is like for an autistic person. Sarah and Odai then interview Cee about their special interest in labour market policy, and life as a civil servant for a government department.

Apologies for the delayed return, it was all Sarah’s fault. She’s very sorry.

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Episode 6 – Magic Hat Episode

In this final episode of 2017, Odai and I mark the season by pulling out our magic hats and playing a game of Secret Hitler with some friends. CW: Some bad language (from Sarah, everyone else kept it together).

Audible Autism will now be going on hiatus until February, we’ve had a blast but we’ve now got a long list of administrative and technical tasks we need to get through so the next batch of episodes learns from the first. Please stay tuned.

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Episode 5 – Robert Court

In this episode of Audible Autism, we have on Dr Robert Court, associate researcher at Edinburgh University. Listen to hear:

  • How Robbie built his social skills through observation.
  • His journey from electrical engineering apprentice to post-doctoral researcher with severe dyslexia.
  • What Robbie thinks of psychological diagnostic tests.
  • Are there autistic dogs?
  • How should we be responding as a community to pre-natal testing for autism?

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Episode 3 – How I Organise

In this episode, Sarah explains how she organises herself and the tools she uses.

Show notes:

Getting Things Done by David Allen – newly updated for 2015 to reflect that fact that the internet exists now.

Google Calendar – for events, if you have a Gmail account, you already have a Google Calendar.

Evernote – Note-keeping software, for which the browser clipper Sarah finds particularly useful.

Unroll.me – Automatic email subscription filter, which includes an unsubscribe function.

Simple Sticky Notes – For putting notes on your desktop.