Audible Autism Episode 13: Heather Interviews Sarah

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Audible Autism is BACK!


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In this special episode of Audible Autism, Heather interviews Sarah McCulloch and her vision for the Autistic Empire, our new autistic community.

Sarah discusses:

* Her views of autism as a civic identity.

* What the Autistic Empire has been inspired by from Malcolm X and LGBT liberation movements.

* Her own background and journey as an autistic person.

* How she sees our future as autistic people.

The transcript to this episode is available at the bottom of this post.

Heather is a writer, blogger, ancient historian, mythologist, anthropologist, crafter, graphic designer, and web designer, all of which are special interests and learned on her own time. She has bachelor’s in philosophy and master’s degree in international affairs, but previously worked in human services and journalism for a local paper. Currently, she is helping care for her mother after two strokes. She currently blogs about her experiences being Autistic and Autism related news at

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