Unfortunately it has come to this…

Afternoon listeners, This is Odai speaking to update you on some news involving the podcast. To quash any immediate worries no we won’t be ending the podcast but we will be going on hiatus for this season.

Reason being is that i’m still sick and my condition hasn’t changed for the better or the worse and that is still making putting out episodes a really difficult challenge ontop of everything else.

I am hoping that my condition will improve within the new year and once i am better we will be able to get back to putting out episodes at a regular pace. Of course once i’m better it might be a bit staggered as healing takes time but it won’t be as scattered as it has been these last couple episodes.

With all said and done we here at Audible Autism and the Empire wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy new year and hopefully me getting better so we can get back on track and provide you with more of the quality episodes you’ve been enjoying these last 5 years!