Episode 33 – Autistic Parenting

This episode of Audible Autism is a special one in that it was one Odai and former Co-host Sarah were proud of….but there were alot of tech issues in terms of audio quality and recording formats aswell.

Guests Nikki (who has 3 children) and Sam (who at the time was still pregnant) were invited on to have a stimulating and perceptive conversation on being an Autistic parent and all that entails as far as pregnancy, raising children and everything else.

We here at Audible Autism would like to say a big thank you to our editor Simon for being able to get this episode together for our listeners and a thank you and very belated sorry to our guests for how long it’s taken for this episode to finally arrive.

We hope you all enjoy this episode

This podcast was edited by Simon Marcus of Addictive Media. For more information about Simon’s video and audio services please visit http://addictive.media/